Friday, December 16, 2011

Fanbox Experience

Maybe people asks themselves  Hi guys...  Its me again Sheila...  Its been many months since i joined fanbox and i never get this chance to tell,

"How Fanbox and I Collide" 

     It started when i received some invites directly on my email... I keep 

ignoring it but the more i ignore it the more invites i get...  

Invites also comes from my friend:  hi 

 in yahoo..  

And just out of the blue i click the link and signed up...  

     At first i really don't understand how to do it... As i keep browsing,

 slowly i learn that its about blogging...  

  I can post anything i want like:   

Maybe people asks themselves

Maybe people asks themselves

Maybe people asks themselves

Maybe people asks themselves

     And since i have tried doing  

Hi guys  in a different site...

i just copied and pasted the other article i have made before... 

I was not sure what im doing at all...

But i dont care as long as i am able to write and start blogging in FANBOX...  

To be honest i get inspired when
i got to see a fewthat i

made from the poemHi guys

 i  created for my daughter...  

     And not only that, i become more and more inspired when i get to see a lot 

of comments:  

mother's love can be treasured forever.... 
touching down deep to the heart...

Very precious feelings, all of the parents; mother or father love their children and especially if this girl is beautiful like your daughter, May God protects her for you. Mashaallah, she is cute girl. Yes your daughter can warm your hearts and stay with mommy and daddy. i think she is five yesr old now, i hope Inshaallah, you can see her in her home with hrer husband and have 50 years old. i hope for her a long and happy life Inshaallah.

nice poem

nice blog... love it..

beautiful poem to your daughter.

nice words arragement, ty

very nice heart touch poem i like it

Oh Sheila this is beautiful. Bless your little one.

yea nice poem...

nice words 
beautiful poem

very cute!! =))

nice post
It only means they like my post...  My life seems to change when i started blogging in fanbox...  
I know i could not make it without the help of a wonderful person... 
She inspires me and made me do brainstorming everyday...  
She is no other than my DEAR COACH:  Glenway  
here's the video she created for FANBOX :

As i have said before   "fanbox is not just a community...  Nor a site to earn money...  But it becomes a family to me...

i just want to thank you all for making this
 Fanbox a wonderful site and a community that brings happinessto all of us...
 i have created this short video as a way of appreciation for a great job to all
the fanbox team and engineering...  

Thank you guys...

i got from this video...


  1. Hey Sheila .
    This is awesome blog
    Excellent Message . . My journey with fanbox
    we are together with you in this Journey Sheila.
    i love this ..
    NZ High Five

  2. I agree with $im Sw@p, this blog is an awesome blog. And we are all on this journey together. I'm really happy to be on it with such great people that I've met here, just like you! FanBox is such an excellent opportunity for so many people to participate in and your testimony certainly expresses that! Nice job.

  3. You have a wonderful journey with FanBox.
    Your blog is great... and I like your poem for your dear daughter.

  4. Thank u all so much for visiting my blog... it means a lot to me... specially when u leave some comment that really made me more inspire each day... $im $wap thank u for being the first here, next is my dear coach and my friend in fanbox Ayzee.. thank u... :)

  5. Excellent work my dear Sheila
    We all have a wonderful journey here !
    FanBox its amazing , more people should join us to feel as We all feel ...That, once you joined this site you'll never wanna leave !
    Well done Blog !

  6. True that once you joined you'll never gonna leave... This is the best blog ever... thank u AnnaPete...

  7. realy amazing worl...good job..well done........!!

  8. Thank u Twirllinks :) Princz thanks for the sweet comment...

  9. Sheila....awesome blog
    Enjoy FanBox blogging

  10. Hi Archylen wow thank u for visiting my blog... It took me a lot of time to update it... as im not really good in writing... but as i see my work here... im so happy and contented of the result... Thanks for all the inspiration guys... "iloveFANBOX.."

  11. Hi,
    This is the great post.I like this blog very much.
    It simple and easy to read.I'm appriciated your contributions.



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